MILLION A WEEK CLUB – Your Rad this Week – Week 9

One Million Rads a Week

MILLION A WEEK CLUB – Your Rad this Week – Week 9

Facing a Dying Nation


Are you in a city that gets a Million Counts of Radiation a Week? First, how on earth are you going to find out? Folks, that is a secret, isn’t it?

This is a Bad situation for all exposed to the Rad. Now included, for the 9th Week of 2018 just passed, all cities above 9,000,000 CPM Year to Date [YTD] of deadly Gamma Radiation and its unpublished radioactive kin. A Count is One Radioactive Decay.

PLUS: 64 odd other cities on the Most Poisoned Cities List for Total Gamma Radiation [Recorded] in the US.

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Table of Poisoned American Cities

Total Gamma Radiation Reported – USA Week 9

January 1 to March 10, 2018

Published March 17, 2018

Gamma and Beta CPM by City and State in the US

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Reported Rad and Calculated Rad

There were 1,656 hours from January 1, 2018, to midnight March 10, 2018. The calculation for Colorado Springs is:

15,215,710 / 1,566 X 1,656 Equals 16,090,176 CPM

Do this for every City on the Total Gamma Rad list.


32 Cities above 9 Million CPM in Week 9 of 2018

There were 1,656 Hours from January 1, 2018 to Midnight March 10, 2018. Invariably some of the 135 RadNet radiation monitoring stations fail to file all 1,656 hourly reports.

In that case, the missing reports are filled in with the average radiation count of the reports that were filed. Not a perfect system; but, machines sometimes fail, the radiation never skips an hour, minute or second though.

When missing values are calculated using the Average Values YTD method and added to the Recorded Counts the number of affected cities above 9 Million Counts jumps to 47 cities.

Again, the missing reports are expected to be filed in the next few weeks. For now, the missing reports are filled in by the average radiation since the first of the year.

The radiation counts are recounted from January 1 each week so no late reports will be missed. The remaining cities round out the Total Gamma Radiation List for March 17, 2018.

Target Population

Target Population Column Added. A Column displaying the latest Official Census in 2010 in the surrounding area to the nuclear site is shown. It is the Standard Metropolitan Area Census Report.

All of the Target Population are subject to random murder and/or illness from the daily radioactive emissions of the nuclear plant or weapons site.

The US Government thinks that nuclear weapons and the huge supportive nuclear industry are required for the national defense. It makes no difference now, though. We’re all dead people walking.

It’s been about 73 years now and no person or nation has convinced the US government to change the nuclear policy. Since the reactors leak Rads every day and have since their construction; the nation is long past saving.

SPOTLIGHT on Rad in Colorado Springs

2018 Annualized Rate of Increasing Gamma Rad: 85,114,699 CPM, In Millions,

2017 Recorded Rad CPM: 74,512,349 CPM Total Gamma Count,
2016 Recorded Rad CPM: 75,113,024 CPM Total Gamma Count
2015 Recorded Rad CPM: 66,666,098 CPM Total Gamma Count
2014 Recorded Rad CPM: 57,299,278 CPM Total Gamma Count
2013 Recorded Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.
2012 Recorded Rad CPM: 39,778,633 CPM Total Gamma Count
2011 Recorded Rad CPM: 29,656,414 CPM Total Gamma Count
2010 Recorded Rad CPM: 56,793,326 CPM Total Gamma Count
2009 Recorded Rad CPM: 30,052,472 CPM Total Gamma Count
2008 Recorded Rad CPM:   3,619,097 CPM Total Gamma Count,
2007 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.
2006 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.


The number of US Cities recording more than 1,000,000 [One Million] Gamma Rads a Week soared in just a few days at the end of January 2018.

Since Rad Records are still being processed, the alarming number of cities recording a Million Rads a Week could climb further still.

Weapons and Reactors are the only sources of Rads on this planet. Colorado Springs now routinely records a measured average of about 10,000 CPM per Hour. That is a … bunch.

Total Gamma Rad History since 2006

These are measured and recorded annual total Rads for reporting cities in the United States since 2006. Total Year Rad readings for Total Gamma Radiation reporting cities are listed.

Most reporting American cities exceed Tokyo in Radiation levels. That was a surprise.

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Eleven Years of Annual US Radiation Reported Totals[1][2][3]*
*2017 Recorded Rad CPM: 3,549,314,016 Gamma CPM in 97 Reporting cities, in Billions,
* 2016 Recorded Rad CPM: 3,564,642,064 Gamma CPM in 98 cities
* 2015 Recorded Rad CPM: 3,365,375,052 Gamma CPM in 98 cities
* 2014 Recorded Rad CPM: 3,535,335,261 Gamma CPM in 98 cities
* 2013 Recorded Rad CPM: 3,269,359,674 Gamma CPM in 98 cities
* 2012 Recorded Rad CPM: 3,078,948,452 Gamma CPM in 98 cities
* 2011 Recorded Rad CPM: 3,332,873,138 Gamma CPM in 98 cities
* 2010 Recorded Rad CPM: 2,556,628,785 Gamma CPM in 69 cities
* 2009 Recorded Rad CPM: 1,649,403,564 Gamma CPM in 69 cities
* 2008 Recorded Rad CPM: 1,179,391,687 Gamma CPM in 64 cities
* 2007 Recorded Rad CPM: 1,151,948,142 Gamma CPM in 37 cities
* 2006 Recorded Rad CPM:    145,670,365 Gamma CPM in 19 cities, in Millions,
* 2006 RadNet public startup.

These are the 24 Hour a day recorded Total Gamma Radiation numbers in CPM [Counts per Minute] measured highs affecting people around the United States. Be prepared for a shock, these Year to Date totals are really big radiation numbers.

These levels are dangerous to people, animals, and plants. If you absorb very much of this radiation, at all, you turn stupid [compulsary mental retardation] and die.

The Rad numbers are your guide to your exposure to the Rad. How much you already absorbed in your daily life is really hard to find out.

The nine Nuclear Weapons Labs in the US know, of course. The radiation data are currently Restricted and Withheld for all Normals; except for Gamma Radiation through EPA.

Notice: It is necessary for public health and because the many nuclear reactors are venting radioactive gases constantly so stay inside as much as possible.

All residents should stay inside at nights and on weekends. It’s your life, your choice. The Rad is always cumulative. What you absorbed before now is still inside you.

Especially hard hit are the cities listed in YRTW YTD ELE. See the latest “Your Radiation This Week,” “Million a Week Club” or “TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION” reports for the most recent list. You may purchase reports for a small charge.

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION recorded in the US – 2017 Final Rad Count


The SPOTLIGHT on Rad in Colorado Springs is to present the records for the Total Gamma Radiation in Colorado Springs for the past Eleven Plus years.

Beta Rad Counts are no longer published by RadNet. The single word “WITHHELD” replaces the former mathematical notation “-0-“.

Other radiation species are also Withheld by the US government. That should be crystal clear now for most Americans.

The valuable Beta Count is history just when we could use it most. It was used to track Beta water lakes under leaking reactors. Beware: Radioactive Beta Water combines easily with Humans, animals, and plants.


Million a Week Club is a new publication by Bob Nichols in “VeteransToday” and Bob Nichols’ own websites. See Resources below.*

Read it and weep. It is a done deal and cannot be changed.

To be eligible a city must sport a Gamma Radiation of at least a Million Gamma Rads a Week. It is NOT a good club to be in. There is no prize, only death, disease and chaos.

RadNet, EPA Request 

I requested the radiological efficiency recording number for the radiation monitoring units from RadNet and EPA. As they say, we’ll see what happens with that.

New Rad Measurement. Year to Date, 24 Hours a Day Rad numbers are added to the report for all reporting cities. Rad Counts, called CPMs, are in the tens of millions everywhere in the States.

The Table of Poisoned American Cities is changed. A new Column labeled “Tokyo Equivalent Rads” is added. The acronym is designated TER, the plural is written TERs. One TER is defined as the weekly high nSv/Hour measurement at the Rad monitor in Metropolitan Toneri Park in Tokyo, Japan.

The Tokyo nSv/Hour Rad reading gives you an instant and direct comparison of your city to the Rad Monitor in Metropolitan Toneri Park in Tokyo, Japan. All American reporting cities are more radioactive than Metropolitan Toneri Park in Tokyo.

Fukushima Liability set by Japanese Court

What? Sue TEPCO and the Government of Japan over Fukushima Daiichi … and Win! Incredible! You bet your bottom dollar!

Lead Attorney Katsuyoshi Suzuki is the Super Lawyer who beat the combined forces the Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO,] a huge corporation and the Japanese government. He and the legal team are to be applauded worldwide.

The District Court ordered, “the two to pay damages totaling ¥38.55 million to 62 of 137 plaintiffs from 45 households located near the plant, which suffered a triple meltdown caused by the tsunami, awarding ¥70,000 to ¥3.5 million in compensation to each plaintiff.”

As one person wryly observed “it’s a judgment against a shell company and a bankrupt extinct-ed country. So what? there is nothing there.”

As they say, we will see what happens. The Japan Times said, “The ruling was the first of 30 similar class-action suits filed nationwide involving more than 10,000 plaintiffs.”

YRTW ELE readers can read the Japan Times article “In [a] First, Government and TEPCO Found Liable for Fukushima Disaster.” Anyone can look up the case on my Soc Media accounts. See under “Resources” below.

Other Resources: Eco Health Alliance interactive map of killer viruses

Copyright by Bob Nichols © 2018: Reproduce and distribute. Write Bob Nichols at

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Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a Veterans Today columnist, a former correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications. He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant. Follow Bob on YouTube channel, Nichols on Nuclear, Twitter, and visit his web site You are encouraged to write Nichols at