Did you ever think how much Rad U235 or Rad Plutonium 239 is vaporized in a detonation of a nuclear weapon?

Nagasaki, Nukes and a Spoonful of Plutonium


By Bob Nichols on June 11, 2017

Did you ever think how much Rad U235 or Rad Plutonium 239 is vaporized in a detonation of a nuclear weapon?

A Nagasaki sized nuke has about 14 lbs of nuclear material in it. Now, 14 lbs is more than just a little bit and less than a lot.

The Nagasaki nuke killed and maimed a couple of hundred thousand people in a split-second with those 14 lbs.

Nuclear weapons are hopelessly inefficient. It did require 14 lbs for the nuke detonation; however, it did not even take an ounce. Amazingly, it only took about 1/6 of an ounce to do the trick.

Got that? It takes 14 Pounds to start the detonation but only uses up about 1/6 of a Teaspoonful.

The amount to power the nuke weapon is little changed to this day….

But!? What happened to the rest of the 14 lbs of nuke detonation material?

Did it go to the moon… or to our lungs and bodies? What do You think?


The rest of the tale is that the nuclear material stays on Earth for us to breathe and absorb.

The Morons in the world militaries and rich stupid people that own the reactors have by now placed about 24 Tons of Plutonium 239 into the atmosphere.

Ya’know, into the air we all breathe! … Pu239 is the most poisonous stuff in the universe, too.

Humans don’t have a chance to survive this Auschwitz gas chamber on earth.

Facing a Dying Nation

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