Gamma Radiation in America – An Utter Unending Disaster

By Bob Nichols –  January 14, 2023

In the End the Gamma radiation and its sources Win EVERYTHING.

Worse, it is inevitable and there is no country or group that can do anything about it.

Yes – there is NO solution or fix.


The world population was estimated to be 8 Billion in 2022 by the United Nations.

The radioactive contagion spreads in the atmosphere worldwide in only a few years. Winds and storms carry the tasteless poison around the world in just four days.

Widespread circulation started worldwide 78 years ago.

Long term survival of humanity is not possible. This state of affairs is incomprehensible to most.

However, hundreds of thousands of nuclear scientists, engineers and office workers at the nine nuclear weapons Labs know.

Governments worldwide institute various schemes to silence those who know.

Awkward, isn’t it?  CPM Numbers tell the sad tale.

Bob Nichols



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