Total Gamma radiation in America

By Bob Nichols – February 18, 2023


President Biden, we in America are completely screwed by the 92 operating nuclear power plants in the United States.

President Biden, you have lost all sense of decency when it comes to the nukes.

I waited for your big speech at the State of the Union celebration before writing this piece.

I conclude that you must be a psychopath like many of the degenerates in the power nuke biz.

We, the citizens of the United States, are truly doomed by our own government.

Do you disagree?


Bob Nichols
Veterans Today




Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a Veterans Today columnist, a former correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications. He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant. Follow Bob on YouTube channel, Nichols on Nuclear, Twitter, and visit his web site You are encouraged to write Nichols at

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