By Bob Nichols  –  December 31, 2022

The Gamma Radiation leader in America on December 27, 2022, was Billings, Montana. No surprise there.

Billings is downwind from the former H-Bomb factory at Hanford, Washington. The radioactive stain is still there and will remain for generations; poisoning each one in turn. 

Ask yourself why people still live there? It defies logic.

The trashed city is the most radioactive spot that is currently measured in the States. 80,674,262.4432 radioactive counts this year so far.

That places the beleaguered city right on target to soar past  81 million Gamma Radiation Counts by years end.

The past tense city clocked in at 9,311.4338 Gamma Radiation Counts per hour, on the 18th of October. That has not changed. GAMMA_RADIATION_IN_AMERICA_10-18-2022 — .mp4

Yes, Hanford nuclear poison is measured in Montana. That’s 545 miles or 877.092 Kilometers away.

Good Luck, Billings… you’ll need it.

Most stunning of all is there is NO solution.

I’d leave Billings as quickly as possible, things changed in a bad way, courtesy of the U.S. Government.

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