Global Radiation Report: DefCon 3 – Current Level

By Bob Nichols –   March 6, 2022

DefCon 3 – Current Level

Defcon 3 – Round house
Defcon Level Warning System Current Live OSINT Raised Alert Estimates
Last Change: Feb 28th, 2022 Taken from Defcon Level Warning System:

Only reached 3 times in the past 10 years.
The Top 12 current Gamma Radiation readings in the US.

City, State CPM @ 1560 hours Mar 6, 2022 12/31/2021 END DATE 8760 hours
Billings, MT. 14,525,837 81,568,160
Raleigh, NC. 14,254,978 80,047,185
Colorado Springs, CO. 13,917,118 78,149,970
Augusta, GA. 13,805,748 77,524,586
Little Rock. AR. 13,794,497 77,461,408
Worcester, MA. 12,236,204 68,710,993
New York City, NY. 12,043,466 67,628,692
Portland, ME. 12,023,587 67,517,064
Fresno, CA. 11,440,580 64,243,258
Miami, FL. 11,312,601 63,524,606
San Bernardino, CA. 11,065,857 62,139,041
Lockport, NY. 11,044,912 62,021,430

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