Breaking/Exclusive 2021.6: There is Evidence Someone is Attacking the US with Deadly Levels of Radiation and it is being Covered Up

By Bob Nichols – July 17, 2021

Editor’s note:  We have been sitting on this story. This is
hard science, real evidence and something is terribly
wrong.  We do not enjoy publishing this.

The Enemy is in the US, Too
Mr President, the Reactors at Raleigh, North Carolina and Portland, Maine must be shut down without delay. The reactors’ records are screaming they are “in big trouble.”
C’mon, President Biden, kill the reactors at Raleigh, NC and Portland, Maine. Save American lives.
The Portland, Maine reactor sailed past the Total Gamma Count at America’s H-Bomb making factory at Colorado Springs, Colorado June 30, 2021, just a few days ago at this writing.
How much Gamma radiation do you think you absorbed a week ago or 10 years ago? Fact is, nobody knows except the guys and gals in the US Military who run the machines.
Be bold, President Biden, do us all a Good Deed, kill the reactors deader than a door nail.
Bob Nichols

These are the Gamma readings for Colorado Springs, Portland, Maine, Raleigh, North Carolina and Little Rock, Arkansas. Of course, the MaxSafeLevel is 20 Million Gamma Radiation Counts Total in your lifetime.

First Published in Bob Nichols VeteransToday column on July 17, 2021
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