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By Bob Nichols February 13, 2021


January 1, 2010 thru January 31, 2021, or 97,176 hours

01-01-2010 to 1/31/2021, 97,176 Hours City,  State 01-01-2021 to 1/31/2021, 744 Hours 2020 8,744 Hours TGR CPM 2010-2019  TGR CPM
895,990,514 Colorado Springs, CO. 6,549,674 75,753,478 813,687,362
894,581,202 Raleigh, NC. 6,316,858 80,473,889 807,790,455
816,571,241 Portland, ME. 6,684,339 81,518,607 728,368,295
793,212,835 Little Rock. AR. 2,087,694 45,973,119 745,152,022
744,192,728 Billings, MT. 3,942,435 46,413,375 693,836,918
722,282,608 Worcester, MA. 5,100,667 64,139,722 653,042,219
715,801,060 Spokane, WA. 4,873,335 52,749,382 658,178,343
707,535,413 Navajo Lake, NM. MIA MIA 63,674,430 643,860,983
698,822,238 San Diego, CA. 5,152,710 63,864,296 629,805,232
647,125,076 Idaho Falls, ID. 4,229,235 54,705,813 588,190,028
646,523,488 Augusta, GA. 4,031,424 48,248,742 594,243,322
639,800,787 Fresno, CA. MIA 55,506,758 584,294,029
635,995,166 Grand Junction, CO. 4,844,166 52,058,707 579,092,293
609,480,157 San Bernardino, CA. 4,257,871 51,324,365 553,897,921
602,294,902 Denver, CO. 5,008,536 54,880,201 542,406,165
598,095,703 Tucson, AZ. 4,516,444 52,541,551 541,037,708
594,164,615 Phoenix, AZ. 4,628,073 54,324,741 535,211,801
589,749,955 Atlanta, GA. 3,847,019 47,605,697 538,297,239
589,596,016. Hartford, CT. 5,167,597 58,461,163 525,967,256
577,675,439 Albuquerque, NM. 3,560,748 43,623,589 530,491,102
576,912,927 Riverside, CA. 5,030,491 61,491,452 510,390,984
571,218,032 Concord, NH. MIA 52,875,938 523,724,590
563,221,913 Los Angeles. CA. 4,688,440 55,563,675 502,969,798
551,973,270 Anaheim, CA. 3,852,075 47,183,502 500,937,693
551,095,643 Boston, MA. 4,077,087 55,376,674 491,641,882
546,485,601 Louisville, KY. 4,129,929 50,374,486 491,981,186
541,228,523 Oklahoma City, OK. 4,208,457 49,460,032 487,560,034
540,974,318 Pierre, SD. 4,391,114 43,850,460 492,732,744
530,465,506 Providence, RI. MIA 44,118,710 486,346,796
525,073,039 Reno, NV. 4,026,117 44,576,825 476,470,097
518,342,094 Rochester, NY 4,428,639 52,998,891 460,914,564
514,470,576 Yuma, AZ. 4,387,025 51,573,318 458,510,233
513,886,215 Bakersfield, CA. 3,751,113 38,330,659 471,804,443
512,566,058 El Paso, TX. 3,948,981 46,664,497 461,952,580
501,208,810 Mason City,  IA. 3,562,494 36,891,238 460,755,078
499,685,842 Miami, FL. 2,326,474 26,675,452 470,683,916
498,286,130 Kearney, NE. 3,407,166 41,652,324 453,226,640
495,443,502 Pittsburgh, PA. 3,564,115 42,961,201 448,918,186
484,251,561 Laredo, TX. 2,734,664 28,550,285 452,966,612
481,694,396 Virginia Beach, VA. 3,702,328 44,006,339 433,985,729
480,890,493 Kansas City, KS. 4,744,914 50,135,206 426,010,373
479,413,989 Tallahassee, FL. 3,273,984 38,121,375 438,018,630
475,568,590 Rapid City, SD. 3,231,285 38,168,683 434,168,622
474,595,885 Shreveport, LA. 3,622,759 43,659,742 427,313,384
474,581,659 Harrisonburg, VA. 3,755,010 41,798,137 429,028,512
472,723,788 Charleston, WV. 3,394,786 37,991,534 431,337,468
464,073,820 Lexington, KY, 4,082,184 43,955,449 416,036,187
453,861,600 Wichita, KS. 3,643,982 40,838,404 409,379,214
451,116,505 Amarillo, TX. 2,974,307 38,762,984 409,379,214
447,924,150 Bismarck, ND. 3,945,230 39,949,264 404,029,656
447,907,500 Memphis, TN. 2,871,418 36,506,525 408,529,557
446,407,085 Lincoln, NE. 3,754,325 42,237,361 400,415,399
444,793,336 New York City, NY.MIA MIA 42,691,862 402,101,474
442,227,033 Tulsa, OK. 3,267,189 38,532,050 400,427,794
440,225,934 Richland, WA. 1,138,301 21,553,379 417,534,254
437,103,147 Ft Smith, AR. 3,790,936 41,498,833 391,813,378
433,836,742 Salt Lake City, UT. 2,375,208 27,046,135 404,415,399
427,387,244 Cleveland, OH. 4,178,942 42,336,654 380,871,648
427,283,830 St. George, UT. 5,376,166 62,348,263 359,559,401
423,218,728 Omaha, NE. 2,445,343 29,227,072 391,546,313
421,187,300 Boise, ID. 4,062,667 48,449,137 368,675,496
415,582,686 Lockport, NY. 3,147,023 36,715,881 375,719,782
413,974,941 Casper, WY. 4,253,168 43,515,803 366,205,970
404,870,802 Ft. Worth, TX. MIA 2,920,671 36,652,932 365,297,199
403,585,570 Carlsbad, NM. 2,731,395 29,906,008 370,948,167
403,406,115 Knoxville, TN. 2,703,682 30,889,279 369,813,154
401,483,609 Detroit, MI. 2,957,979 38,668,607 359,857,023
393,889,604 Richmond, VA. 2,894,362 32,979,790 358,015,452
388,185,397 Birmingham, AL. 2,970,329 16,332,476 349,579,787
387,304,072 Madison, WI. 2,265,403 33,599,499 351,439,170
385,527,302 Champaign, IL. 3,373,795 39,449,677 342,703,830
373,675,849 Philadelphia, PA. 2,620,150 31,229,626 339,826,073
367,500,127 San Jose, CA. 2,507,011 30,170,295 334,822,821
364,856,570 Chicago, IL. MIA MIA 29,526,284 335,330,286
364,169,332 St. Paul, MN. 2,464,139 27,670,702 334,034,491
362,414,472 San Francisco, CA. 2,540,765 28,410,924 331,462,783
360,239,318 Aurora, IL. 2,366,572 28,990,972 328,881,774
357,402,657 Des Moines, IA. 3,273,112 39,339,418 314,790,127
357,222,775 Eureka, CA. 2,687,641 31,091,280 323,443,854
340,486,427 Burlington, VT. 2,465,002 30,813,562 307,207,863
338,058,421 Las Vegas, NV. 2,578,297 28,445,305 307,034,819
336,804,853 Indianapolis, IN. 2,331,042 30,186,506 304,287,305
336,507,218 Corpus Christi, TX. MIA MIA 38,339,281 298,167,937
313,929,896 Houston, TX. 2,308,934 18,789,919 292,831,043
311,023,447 Baton Rouge, LA. 2,064,779 24,556,532 284,402,136
303,777,256 Dallas, TX. 1,134,832 25,014,051 277,628,373
298,057,618 St. Louis, MO. MIA MIA 22,520,943 275,536,675
292,516,893 Duluth, MN. 2,073,819 25,450,884 264,992,190
285,535,048 Yaphank, NY. MIA 16,100,779 269,434,269
273,425,814 Washington, D.C. 1,592,947 18,509,531 253,323,336
266,681,679 Nashville, TN. 1,688,049 17,790,974 247,202,656
260,157,488 San Antonio, TX. MIA 1,506,687 21,226,627 237,424,174
222,973,767 Tampa, FL. 1,729,343 20,387,792 200,856,632
218,204,650 Fairbanks, AK. 1,560,779 18,690,291 197,953,580
193,576,889 Mobile, AL. 2,359,924 29,211,900 162,005,065
178,009,145 Paducah, KY. 2,044,872 24,788,220 151,176,053
169,688,639 Anchorage, AK. 1,098,056 14,504,523 154,086,060
First published in the Bob Nichols VeteransToday column

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In 2020 three of the world’s big nuclear power reactors exploded and gushed huge amounts of measurable radiation into the air. 

One is outside Moscow, Russia and two are in the US. The US reactors are located at Portland, Maine and Raleigh, North Carolina.

When I started this Gamma radiation chronicle the idea of a million counts of Gamma radiation per week was a bit far fetched.

Now we are being Zapped constantly in this Gamma radiation hellhole.  Deadly Gamma radiation from 2010 to 2020 increased Ten Times as measured by the responsible government agency. (1)

Never mind that the measured Million Counts a week Plus top radiation was way over the Gamma Radiation Maximum Safe Level.

All of us, the Perps included, are already irradiated forevermore. The Nuclear weapons makers and pirate nuclear hustlers are truly a sloppy Nuclear death cult that holds sway over everyone.

Gamma Radiation data from government officials display recent Total Gamma Radiation reports showing huge failures to tend to business.

It is utterly evil to cover up high Gamma radiation readings. That is the sort of thing criminal psychopaths do.

Nuclear reactors are still out of control in Raleigh, North Carolina and Portland, Maine.

The nukes have been since Putin’s pet reactor released a huge RadCloud that quick marched its way to the North East United States months ago.

The three nuke reactors are broken or sabotaged and neglected. Shut them down now; if that is even physically possible anymore.

Remember the three destroyed reactors at Fukushima, Japan? Same thing.

What does Dictator Putin have to do with rich peoples’ nuclear reactors, anyway? Is there a big For Sale/Rent/Use sign on them?

The nation’s most populated area (the NE US) is plagued by radiation poisoning from surging nuclear reactors to the North and South and Russia. This does not end well.

This was a Russian nuclear attack 

The ex-President’s Buddy Dictator Putin played him PERFECTLY

Citizens and officials must do the right thing and shut these stationary nuclear weapons down. Realistically, the chances of that happening are Slim and None. Big money Rules the nukes, NOT ex-President Trump; not any President.

The chances of the rich owners closing their poison factories are non-existent. If YOU live within 300 miles take direct action and leave now.

If that was Putin’s plan – it worked perfectly. Who was involved Stateside? Ex-President Trump? The questions must be asked and the answer or answers found.

In ten years there has been Zero official Rad publicity. Gamma radiation in America increased steadily over the past 10 years Plus and is well past the Kill You Dead level.

How much more Gamma radiation have you absorbed today?

If the government routinely gets a hold of your body upon your death they remove your Anus and eyeballs for radio-logical analysis. These body parts give maximum and
minimum absorbed radiation measurements. 

Your stolen body parts are then used as a natural born animal Dosimeter. As a result
the Feds know exactly the level of radiation absorbed by American residents; citizens
and resident aliens alike.

It only takes a few minutes to steal these body parts from a cadaver in a morgue.  After all, who is going to care? Certainly not you; you’re very DEAD.

More Summer time Rad Events

The recent High Radiation events this summer (2020) were started near Moscow with a nuclear reactor 30 Miles outside of Moscow under Russian Dictator Putin’s control.

A radioactive cloud was released. The RadCloud immediately headed West for thousands of miles/kilometers, across Russia and Europe to the States. So the story goes.

It did not take long for the giant RadCloud to park over the North Eastern United States. No warnings were issued by Federal authorities, though that IS their Job.

I have no idea why the RadCloud “parked”. It could have been caught in a natural weather circulation above the North Eastern United States or one caused by humans. Many countries have that capability. It is widely known in the trade as the “poor man’s atomic bomb.”

A word about Cesium 137 from No 6.

Local American reactor owners could have seen an opportunity to purge some of their built up Rad and blame it on the Russkies.

Theoretically the NRC distributed their classified notifications. Secondly, the Nuclear Weapons Labs would launch “sniffer” planes to collect Rad samples. Not a word has been released.

Within days the Nuke Weapons Lab knew not only what country did it. They would also know the mine(s) that produced the Uranium and H-Bomb factories that made the Plutonium.

Putin Makes his move

Does anybody think it was former Trump pal Putin or local sold out rich guy nuke operators; or both?

Make no mistake about it the Perps will be found. The President should demand their arrest. Will he do that and stand up to Putin? Don’t have a clue.

However, I Do Know the unusual and dangerous RadCloud was “parked” over the North Eastern United States; it still is. That’s weird.

That I know of, Not One, None, Zero, Zilch of the expensive TV Weather Caster operations “noticed” the RadCloud.

I do not know why the lethal RadCloud did not move for weeks. Rad readings are still elevated 18cpm from a summer time (annualized) high of 131,654,040cpm recorded in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Of course, in terms of Highly Radioactive America, the Gamma radiation has declined to an annual rate of 80 Million Counts a year at Portsmouth, Maine and 90 Million Counts a year in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Both towns host old, embrittled, most likely leaking nuker power plants. No mystery there. Except, these terror monsters are gushing Gamma radiation; not just leaking a few Gammas. Rad Counts remain severely elevated.

Gamma radiation in the wild escapes only from nuclear reactors and detonated or broken nuclear weapons.

At the surface of the Earth there are no other sources.

Gamma radiation is and always has been incompatible with life on this planet.

How much Gamma radiation is it? It is more than enough Gamma radiation to kill every living thing on Earth.

Two questions are: How much Gamma radiation have YOU absorbed … Today? … from 10 years ago?

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