MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 36 – Plus More Cities


Your Rad This Week – Plus More Cities

MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 36 – Plus More Cities

Facing a Dying Nation. Are you in a city that gets a Million Counts of Radiation a Week?


Total Gamma Radiation Reported in the USA – Week 36

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Tables of Poisoned American Cities
Million a Week and
January 1 to September 15, 2018
Published September 22, 2018
Gamma and Beta CPM by City and State in the US

+ More Cities Above MaxNormalSafeLevel

Million a Week

2018 GAMMA READING ON 9/15/2018 6,192 HOURS 2014 GAMMA READING 9/15/2014 6,192 HOURS CITY ST. 2010 Census Targeted Population
59,610,897 53,015,329 Colorado Springs, CO. 645,613
55,239,064 60,133,359 Raleigh, NC. 1,130,490
53,859,977 47,348,727 Portland, ME. 514,098
52,091,561 53,381,370 Little Rock, AR. 699,757
49,381,144 46,050,155 Navajo Lake, NM. Transient
46,235,815 46,787,533 Spokane, WA. 527,753
44,778,409 49,179,504 Worcester, MA. 916,980
43,943,774 30,169,969 Riverside, CA. 4,224,851
42,447,670 48,797,889 San Diego, CA. 3,095,313
42,434,204 25,576,839 St. George, UT. 138,115
42,337,846 41,048,896 Fresno, CA. 930,450
41,208,249 43,519,684 Idaho Falls, ID. 133,265
40,582,843 37,950,605 Atlanta, GA. 5,286,728
40,265,195 39,471,406 Boston, MA. 4,552,402
39,911,074 38,577,886 Phoenix, AZ. 4,192,887
39,243,697 38,472,774 Tucson, AZ. 980,263
38,790,191 38,061,006 Casper, WY. 75,450
38,494,426 36,894,377 Denver, CO. 2,543,482
38,030,774 39,287,207 San Bernardino, CA. 4,224,851
37,955,569 40,367,674 Los Angeles, CA. 12,828,837
37,378,654 36,324,874 Hartford, CT. 1,212,381
36,995,619 Withheld Yuma, AZ. 195,751
36,019,760 41,455,066 Grand Junction, CO. 146,723
35,527,334 37,196,701 Concord, NH. 146,445
34,500,773 32,484,900 El Paso, TX. 622,263
34,307,497 31,971,359 Kansas City, KS. 2,009,342
34,277,506 32,400,029 Oklahoma City, OK. 1,252,987
34,234,053 31,919,974 Bakersfield, CA. 839,631
34,188,654 33,089,669 Providence, RI. 1,600,852
33,399,138 34,846,797 Pierre, SD. 21,361
32,790,788 33,820,053 Louisville, KY 1,235,708
32,185,006 34,041,023 Reno, NV. 64,511
32,078,904 32,851,884 Laredo, TX. 250,304
31,874,066 59,830,941 Billings, MT. 158,934
31,268,032 31,544,468 Mason City, IA. 51,749
31,011,373 30,476,149 Boise, ID. 616,561
31,009,122 30,157,256 Pittsburgh, PA. 2,356,285
30,813,104 40,012,853 Albuquerque, NM. 887,077
30,589,054 28,882,931 Cleveland, OH. 2,077,240
30,402,225 27,147,681 New York City, NY. 8,175,133
30,230,141 29,449,173 Shreveport, LA. 439,811
29,822,805 29,699,771 Champaign, IL. 231,891
29,728,755 32,433,712 Kearney, NE. 52,591
29,533,327 Withheld Corpus Christi, TX. 428,185
29,528,912 27,162,035 Bismarck, ND. 114,778
29,300,332 27,313,698 Ft. Smith, AR. 280,467
29,211,341 27,355,478 Lincoln, NE. 36,288
28,857,536 38,792,722 Augusta, GA. 564,873
28,839,964 30,385,152 Charleston, WV. 309,635
28,755,198 30,781,732 Richland, WA. 253,340
28,612,832 27,373,280 Wichita, KS. 630,919
28,547,291 29,029,946 Salt Lake City, UT. 1,087,873
28,503,032 37,437,654 Anaheim, CA. 3,010,232
28,446,712 34,982,795 Rapid City, SD. 134,598
28,300,185 30,068,044 Virginia Beach, VA. 1,676,822
28,015,932 30,222,597 Harrisonburg, VA. 125,228
27,993,273 27,733,570 Tulsa, OK. 937,478
27,411,173 29,033,741 Memphis, TN. 1,324,829
27,050,336 27,668,259 Lexington, KY 472,099
26,844,798 35,953,437 Tallahasee, FL. 367413
26,634,671 27,357,989 Amarillo, TX. 251,933
26,381,356 25,421,677 Lockport, NY. 21,165
26,348,638 26,868,226 Omaha, NE. 865,350
25,725,173 24,437,367 Detroit, MI. 4,296,250
25,558,353 26,104,955 Ft. Worth, TX. 6,426,214
24,866,765 23,399,931 Madison, WI. 605,435
24,796,341 21,653,282 Des Moines, IA. 40,325
24,658,767 21,822,961 Aurora, IL. 201,110
24,549,214 25,035,139 Richmond, VA. 1,208,101
24,355,647 Withheld Mobile, AL. 412,992
24,334,694 21,797,953 Carlsbad, NM. 53,829
23,490,813 24,971,868 Knoxville, TN. 837,571
23,191,332 25,975,311 Birmingham, AL. 1,128,047
22,250,398 22,158,826 Eureka, CA. 134,623
22,074,015 21,356,772 Indianapolis, IN. 1887877
21,703,369 20,939,555 St. Paul, MN. 3,348,859
21,165,597 24,644,810 San Jose, CA. 1,836,911
20,916,497 21,559,903 Houston, TX. 5,920,416
20,773,671 29,084,664 Rochester, NY. 1,079,671
20,484,693 24,240,156 Chicago, IL. 9,461,105
20,427,366 24,810,242 Philadelphia, PA. 5,965,343
20,287,367 24,811,604 Montgomery, AL. 374,536
20,062,322 19,992,424 St. Louis, MO. 2,787,701
19,630,672 21,153,553 Baton Rouge, LA. 802,484
19,562,582 25,939,405 San Francisco, CA. 4,335,391
19,488,664 41,588,957 Miami, FL. 2,356,285
19,300,909 17,391,701 Yaphank, NY. 5,945
18,439,827 16,429,858 Duluth, MN. 279,771
18,365,254 20,724,388 Dallas, TX. 6,426,214
18,248,421 22,016,022 Burlington, VT. 211,261
18,162,259 16,882,650 Nashville, TN. 1,670,890
17,604,277 21,313,615 Paducah, KY. 98,762
13,566,195 13,580,287 Tampa, FL. 2,783,243
12,410,839 17,556,449 San Antonio, TX. 2,142,508
12,393,313 22,191,659 Washington, D.C. 6,097,684
11,988,599 13,416,273 Fairbanks, AK. 97,581
10,143,332 10,288,567 Anchorage, AK. 380,821
7,421,198 7,421,198 MaxNormalSafeLevel US
Showing 1 to 97 of 97 entries

Are you in a city that gets a Million Counts of Radiation a Week? First, how on earth are you going to find out? That is a secret, isn’t it? Radiation?



The nearby Targeted Population of US nuclear power plants is 160,876,377 people by the official 2010 US Census.

They were exposed to measured Gamma Rad of: 
Two billion,
eight hundred eighty-nine million,
five hundred sixty-nine thousand,
one hundred eighteen, or 2,889,569,118 CPM.


YTD is short for Year to Date. It means January 1 of the current year to today. CPM is short for Counts Per Minute.

Source RadNet Gamma radiation readings are taken hourly throughout the year. Radiation covers the US like a deadly blanket.

That’s 8,760 cpm Counts on each city listed in a year; local radioactive counts are recorded every minute. That’s 8,784 cpm count hourly reports in a Leap Year.

The increase in Gamma radiation in the States this week, September 8, 2018, to September 15, 2018, was a high 82,915,093 CPM YTD. 

This is an increase in only a week that is way too high a price to pay in deaths and lost health; in addition to being just plain Wrong.

See NEW DATA in the Colorado Springs, Colorado Radiation History 2006 – 2017, and the 2018 Annualized Rate of Gamma Rad.  

Note: Colorado Springs data was WITHHELD for 2006 and 2007, and continues to be WITHHELD by the PTB [Powers that Be].

I wonder what really happened around Colorado Springs in 2006 and 2007, don’t you?

Once emitted from the nuclear power plant, the Rad travels with the wind.

Much of it goes around the world and is detected on the West Coast of the United States.

Nuke Power Plants add to the deadly radiation every minute of every day. There are 525,600 total minutes in 2018.

The Rad measured YTD in 2018, so far: 2,889,569,118 cpm. [in Billions]

The Total Gamma Rad 2018 Annual Projection is just over 4.08 Billion Gamma Rad for the US.

The Rad measured YTD in 2014 was 2,892,952,789 cpm. That is slightly Higher than 2018 YTD.

Dr. John Gofman, Medical Director of the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab famously called that kind of thing “premeditated murder.”

This nuke stuff gets real serious, real quick. It’s a nasty, nasty business.

“This is a Bad situation for all who breathe,” states EU physicist Dr. Paolo Scampa.[5] Now included, for the 36th Week of 2018 just passed, all cities above 36 Million CPM [27] Year to Date [YTD] of deadly Gamma Radiation.

Gamma “Rays” unpublished radioactive kin are a disastrous freebie from the PTB [Powers that Be.] A Count is One Radioactive Decay.

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Today’s 258-day or 6,192-hour report for January 1, 2018 to September 15, 2018, is another case of Bad news from your radWeather Report. 70.68% [to September 15] of 2018 is gone.

I won’t try to kid you with good news lies and made up “fake facts.” Bottom-line, this is way too much radiation for humans to take.

I despise the people-like animals responsible for this world wide calamity. I will continue the report as long as I am able.

Continue to read and share as long as you are able. Tell your smart friends; the others, not so much.

The Perps knew exactly what they were doing and did it anyway. That’s textbook psychopathic behavior and a whole bucketload of Criminal Acts.

Denial is very strong in Americans; expect it often. Don’t let it get you down; there are millions of folks who know the score on the Rad. Persevere, Find Others. Figure out what to do.

I will measure and characterize our shared demise to the best of my ability. BookMark this page and Sign up for Emails on my Websites; I’ll keep you advised.

Within minutes or hours of publishing this

Within minutes or hours of publishing this list of cities over 36 Million YTD Counts of Radiation, four more cities will Zoom past 36 Million Counts of deadly Gamma Radiation since January 1, 2018.

Their killer attack on your body’s trillions of cells never ceases. It did not used to be that way y’know – back in the day.

There were only four radioactive Isotopes in existence and their Decay products. They were mostly in the ground.

Today there are 1,946 known radioactive Isotopes in existence in our atmosphere. The known Gamma radioactive Isotopes are measured by RadNet [1] and reported here.

RadNet has largely stopped reporting radioactive Beta counts. No explanation was given.

Cell assassins, like Plutonium 239, and its brothers were never around; they did not exist on this Planet. That will be 27 cities above 36 Million Rad Counts so far this year.

Max Normal Safe Level

The United States is a very radioactive country. No monitored cities are below the MaxNormalSafeLevel; all monitored cities are above safe level.

Records of Total Gamma Radiation are easily accessible with a computer and a fast Internet connection at RadNet, a directorate of the EPA. [1]

RadNet simply presents the data. It is up to you to decide how much radiation is too much and what to do about it.

Use a fast InterNet connection or run the look-ups as a background task. Either way, you get the data yourself.

Good luck on your efforts. As they say, “It’s complicated.”

Conclusion. The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction.

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.


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Colorado Springs, CO. Radiation History 2006 – 2017 NEW DATA

2018 Annualized Rate of Gamma Rad: 84,333,245 CPM.

2017 Annual Rad CPM: 84,495,556 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2016 Annual Rad CPM: 85,154,664 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2015 Annual Rad CPM: 81,746,223 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2014 Annual Rad CPM: 77,531,924 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2013 Annual Rad CPM: 84,817,423 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2012 Annual Rad CPM: 85,323,100 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2011 Annual Rad CPM: 78,015,071 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Count:    568,266 CPM
2010 Annual Rad CPM: 76,610,646 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Count:    598,878 CPM
2009 Annual Rad CPM: 79,872,468 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Count: 1,278,274 CPM
2008 Annual Rad CPM: 93,502,028 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Count: 2,183,901 CPM
2007 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.
2006 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.

Total Gamma Radiation Colorado Springs 2006 to 2017: 826,747,236 CPM.

Other Resources: Eco Health Alliance interactive map of killer viruses

Copyright by Bob Nichols © 2018: Reproduce and distribute. Write Bob Nichols at

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Conclusion. The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction.

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.

The Little Book of Quotations from Bob Nichols

The Little Book of Quotations from Bob Nichols – video

Denial is very strong in Americans; expect it often.

Don’t let it get you down; there are millions of folks who know the score on the Rad.

Persevere, Find Others. Figure out what to do.

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